Data Management

Have you collected data but are unsure how to convert it to a suitable format for analysis? Have you got a very messy data set that needs to be documented? Or do you need data management advice regarding a forthcoming project in which you will be collecting large amounts of data, but are uncertain how to organise this?

Precise data management is critical to the success of any project. Common problems include

  • Lack of documentation, making it impossible to ascertain whether you are working with the correct variables;
  • Lack of data checking, allowing data entry errors and overly influential outlying observations to slip through the net;
  • Data arranged in a form unsuitable for the statistical analysis you wish to perform;
  • The creation of multiple data sets by different people resulting in confusion as to which is the correct version.

    There are very few grey areas in managing data - your data is either accurate or it is not. And if it is not, then it is more than likely that the results from your analysis of it will be incorrect too...

    With our vast experience of creating and managing very large and complex data sets, and our commitment to 100% accuracy and clarity of documentation, we can ensure that your data presentation and survey analysis is performed on the 'real' data! We can advise on and perform a variety of data management tasks for you, ranging from simply tidying messy data to helping you plan and carry out the data tracking and construction process for a complex longitudinal study. Our statistical background brings with it the advantage of understanding the most appropriate format and arrangement of data for the analysis you may wish to perform upon it, or for the way you may wish to summarise it.

    Contact us now via email or on 0114 2223262 to discuss any data managemnt tasks you may be interested in hiring us to perform. The overall cost of such work varies dramatically dependent on the nature and scale of the task. Our rates start at £100.00 per hour; an initial consultation to evaluate the work required and discuss solutions is free.

    If one-to-one consultancy is out of your price range, or you would prefer to learn the techniques required yourself, we also now offer our popular training course 'Data Management using SPSS Syntax' on a pre-recorded online basis via Instats, at a bargain price!

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